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Hairstyles for Women with Round Faces

Hairstyles for women with round faces is a very helpful resource for those out there who are having a hard time finding a hairstyle that complements their round face. Having a round face is often known to give you youthful features, however, it can also prevent you from easily finding a sophisticated style to transition into. This is the same for women with short, medium-length, or longer hair.
Here are some simple style tips to consider when it comes to hairstyles for women with round faces:
  • Lightweight and delicate bangs can complement a round face. To make your face look longer, part your bangs to the side.
  • If you have long or medium-length hair, a bit of texture is needed. Long bangs will help elongate the round shape of your face.
  • Super short cuts such as a pixie hairstyle works great with round faces. However, most women are not brave enough to transition their hair for this edgy, extremely short hairstyle.

pretty hairstyles for women


Cute Short Layered Hairstyles

Vibrant Cut is one variation of the easy Cute Short Layered Hairstyles. It is very easy to style since it only needs a styling wax or mousse and your fingers to get it done. You can simply apply the wax or mousse right in your dry hair then style it as you preferred and desired. Just be sure that you are ready for all of the people’s attentions by using this hairstyle.

Another one of the Cute Short Layered Hairstyles is the Shaggy Cut that will need a bit of smoothing product to get it done. You will need the help of flat iron as well as a flexible finishing spray to hold it up in place. It basically a bit longer than common short haircut since it has an almost medium length long. It is the perfect choice for a round shape face or even heart face shape. Read on to find more Cute Short Layered Hairstyles ideas.

pretty hairstyles for women

Ballerina Bun

A neat and tightly gathered bun is a jewel to any ballet dancer. It does not only establish the recognition for the dancer, but also make her free from worrying about the hair all through her performance. A perfect figured bun can be just flattering on a ballerina. But, still you don’t necessarily have to be a prima ballerina to wear a ballerina bun. This classic serene updo is suitable for any occasion if you want to remain simply pretty and enchanting. It’s quick. It can make you look taller, and you can dress yourself with any outfit with the pretty ballerina bun on your head. The bun can be placed high up on the top of your head or down lower near the nape of your neck. You just need to have shoulder length hair.

First, curl all the hair in the down section using a one inch curling iron. Brush the hair into a ponytail at the place you want to have the bun, making sure you avoid the bangs. Secure it with a clear band. Separate two equal sections of hair from the pony, one at the top and the other at the bottom. Lightly tease your hair by back combing using a smoothing brush to make the bun look voluminous. Flip the top section and wrap it around the top of the donut created by the root of the ponytail, and the down section around the bottom of the base to create the bun. Make sure the whole donut is covered. Set the bun tight on to your head using bobby pins. Apply a light hold hairspray to flatten the strays. Keep some bobby pins in your purse to use when needed, especially when you feel the bun in losing its tight hold.

pretty hairstyles for women

Beautiful Hairstyles for Straight Hair

The new season has arrived, meaning it is time to bring out beautiful hairstyles for straight hair. Whether you already have straight hair, or are about to attempt a brand new look, straight hair is a contemporary trend that is sure to make you feel good about yourself and your style.

From time to time, we all have a tendency to crave a little spice in our life. Some women redesign their home, some take a vacation, and some introduce a brand new hair color or haircut. Beautiful hairstyles for straight hairare easy and sensible.

If you’ve got natural wave in your hair, straighten is using a simple straightener or flat iron. Because straight hair could be considered by some to be a bit boring, you can add some simple adornments to it to liven it up a bit. Those are easy, beautiful hairstyles for straight hair with short preparation time.

pretty hairstyles for women

Quick Updos

We know all you ladies tend to rush into a classic ponytail or a bun as a means of jumping to an easy hair updo. But, did you know that there’s a quite a lot of choices you can actually try out when it comes to quick updos? Why don’t you shake yourself off from your lazy hair habits and reinvent yourself for casual outings with a new easy updo?

The Braided Brooch

The easy-to-do braided brooch that’s trending among busy working ladies in the town these days? Take a small section of your hair behind the bangs and separate it into three strands. Make French braid out of the three strands, pulling it away from the scalp after braiding it a few inches down. Leave one or two inches in the end and set the braid with a band. Then, loop the braid up towards the top of the head, and leave few inches loose at the end. Create a brooch like coil by twist the remaining section of the braid back into the first loop. You can use a big bobby pin to set the braid in place, and a light hold hair spray to set the style. This up do can be flattering on both casual or dressy occasions. Give the usual braid a break!

pretty hairstyles for women

Hairstyles for Long and Curly Hair

Long and curly hairstyles can really add to a sensual look. For women with wavy or straight hair, soft, voluminous curls are often a mere dream. But it doesn’t have to be! There are different kinds of curly styles for various textures of long hair.

A curling iron is the first place to start when trying to achieve curls. Break the hair into strands and curl right up the crown of the head. Once you’ve curled the entire head, apply spray or gel with both hands to keep your soft and loose curls throughout the day. If you want a tighter curl, use a smaller iron and more hairspray.

Long and curly hairstyles add up to a nice and smart look. Plus, curling your hair allows you to achieve different looks depending on your feelings for the day. On one day, you can let your hair down with nice bangs (if you have them). The next day, you can style your hair into waves or curls. For especially thin hair, waves can make your hair appear thicker, making it easier to style it into a braid, French braid, or anything else.

pretty hairstyles for women

Gracefully Long Hairstyles for Older Women

Graceful, long hairstyles for older women can be accomplished by applying volume-boosting layers, side-swept bangs, and face-framing angles. Though it’s true longer hair requires regular attention in order to eliminate damage, breakage, and split ends, the work needed to keep your hair healthy is worth it for the results you’ll get.

Long hairstyles for older women is commonly misunderstood when gray hair becomes part of the discussion. This misconception is that women with gray hair have given up on youth. In actuality, gray locks are a stylized look that many women prefer to have. Those with long hair believe that well-placed highlights add extra dimension to their shades of gray.

In the article, “Gracefully Long Hairstyles for Older Women,” we go over the overall facts for older women who prefer to keep their hair long. We also discuss the style misconceptions so often surrounding gray hair. Read on to learn more about long hairstyles that look great on the stylish older woman.

pretty hairstyles for women