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Hairstyles for Women with Round Faces

Hairstyles for women with round faces is a very helpful resource for those out there who are having a hard time finding a hairstyle that complements their round face. Having a round face is often known to give you youthful features, however, it can also prevent you from easily finding a sophisticated style to transition into. This is the same for women with short, medium-length, or longer hair.
Here are some simple style tips to consider when it comes to hairstyles for women with round faces:
  • Lightweight and delicate bangs can complement a round face. To make your face look longer, part your bangs to the side.
  • If you have long or medium-length hair, a bit of texture is needed. Long bangs will help elongate the round shape of your face.
  • Super short cuts such as a pixie hairstyle works great with round faces. However, most women are not brave enough to transition their hair for this edgy, extremely short hairstyle.

pretty hairstyles for women


Warm Highlights For Dark Hair

Warm shades are always very popular for the Fall season. Warm tones such as reds, golds and brasses are the most common and all around gorgeous for this time of year. If you want to stay up with modern hair trends then Warm Highlights For Dark Hair is a perfect read for you! Another great way to get trendy beauty inspiration is by flipping through some of your favorite fashion beauty or life style magazines or simply by following what celebrities are doing for this season on television. It’s so exciting to see all the amazing creativity of all the new fall fashion lines. This season Express has to be one of the top inspirational lines when it comes to fashion and even hair styles on their models. One well known celebrity modeling for Express this season is Kate Upton, she’s taking over as the new face of Express and its fabulous! So you’re probably wondering what the hottest new hair styles are for this fall? Well we got the got all the insiders to get you looking fab in no time, just keep reading this article Warm Highlights For Dark Hair and you’ll be on your way!

Here’s what you need to know about Warm Highlights For Dark Hair. Brass brass and more brass! Yes ladies brassy tones are back in and really hot this fall. If your hair is really dark, highlighting it with several different brassy tones is a fabulous way to look amazing and shine with beauty wherever you go this Fall! If you’re leaning more towards a reddish tone then here’s what you’ll need to know about Warm Highlights For Dark Hair. If your hair is dark you could get a dark red base highlight then add in a few hints of a warm golden color on top. You’ll be styling in no time I promise!

pretty hairstyles for women

Long Hairstyles for Teen Girls

Teenage girls just adore to experiment with different hairstyles and more often they wear long hairstyles. If you are the owner of long gorgeous hair you will have an opportunity to recreate any desired style. All you need to do is to learn few simple styling tricks to have playful and girlish look.

If you are tired of your casual look but still do not want to chop off your hair, you can opt for simple detail like stylish bang that will breathe life to your tresses and totally transform your look. Depending on your face shape you can wear blunt cut or layered side bang. Here are some cute long hairstyles for teen girls that will inspire you.

This year natural and less sophisticated hairstyles are on trend. Furthermore, as we are talking about teen hairstyles, you should forget about complicated and glamorous up-dos and opt for relaxed styles that will be suitable for your age. If you are blessed with natural curls, you can use curl enhancer to make the most of hair and wear it loose, in a cute half up-do or messy pulled up hairstyle that will look really hot.

pretty hairstyles for women

Lovely Prom Hairstyles

Prom is as important for girls as wedding and every detail is planned months before the big day. Promenade is perfect chance to show off your unique beauty and sexuality so you should consider all the details with great care. Thanks to wide variety of formal hairstyles and styling options you can create any unimaginable style that will bring out your natural beauty and make you the queen of the party.

You can create elegant and formal style on any hair length be it super short or long hair. All you need to do is to learn some lifesaving tricks that will help you to create elegant hairstyle for your own. These ideas of lovely prom hairstyles will give you inspiration for coming party. If you have shorter hair like short bob you can create retro hairstyle with finger waves that will look really hot and sexy. As a complement to such image you can wear chic necklace and red lipstick. On the other hand, if you want to have sophisticated style you can opt for hair extensions and then create any desired style like loose wavy or super sleek hair.

pretty hairstyles for women

Short Hairstyles of 2014

Recently short hairstyle has become very popular in Celebville and many beauty icons have chosen short haircut. Once short hairstyle was considered really edgy and boyish but latest trends proved that short haircut can highlight sexuality and femininty in the best way.

Wide versatility of short haircuts is simply fantastic. The latest trends of short haircuts include both elegant and classy hairstyles for mature women as well funky and ultra-hot short haircuts for teens and stylish women. If you have already made up your mind to chop off your hair you can get some inspiration from these examples of short hairstyles for 2014. If you are not ready for drastic changes you can make things slower and begin your transformation by creating classy short bob haircut. This is very popular and trendy style and will be suitable for any age. Soft graduated layers will beautifully frame your face. Stylish bang will be gorgeous complement to your brand new haircut.
pretty hairstyles for women

2014 Layered Hairstyles Ideas

Layered hairstyles continue to be on trend this year and next year too they are going to be very popular. Indeed, layering is great option that can totally transform your look without changing the length of haircut. Due to versatility of haircuts as well as hair cutting techniques one can have desired style without any effort. The only thing to be done is to determine the image and speed dial pro hairdresser.

Layers can be added to any haircut be it short pixie hair or super long gorgeous hairstyle. All you have to do is to analyze your face shape, hair texture and find the one that will boost your natural beauty and sexuality. Here are some popular layered hairstyles of 2014 that will inspire you for your beautiful makeover. If you have short or or medium short hair, you can add choppy layers to your haircut that will complete your image with funky twist. Style you choppy haircut with blow dryer and finish the look with texturizer that will highlight choppy layers. For more polished and elegant look you can add few soft layers on the crown area that will add extra volume and movement to you locks.
pretty hairstyles for women

Beautiful Medium Hairstyles

Women always want to have elegant and attractive look but often they simply do not have time to have polished hairstyle and makeup. If you have busy schedule and cannot devote much time on hair styling, I have few lifesaving haircuts and hairstyles that will help you to have stunning look with minimal effort.

Medium length hairstyle is perfect in-between solution for those who want to have trendy hairstyle of low maintenance. Furthermore, midi haircut is the one that will arm you up with numerous styling options that will help you to change your image on any occasion. This is another selection of beautiful medium hairstyles so check it out and get some inspiration for next beauty session. The most popular medium haircut is shoulder length hair with soft layers that can be styled in zillion ways. Depending on the occasion you can wear super sleek hair that will be perfect complement to both formal and casual occasions. For romantic look you can style soft waves or girlish curls combined with cute hair accessory. In fact there are infinite options that you can opt for.
pretty hairstyles for women