Animal tattoos-Dolphin Tattoos

Many people view dolphins and dolphin tattoos as highly symbolic – these intelligent creatures are seen as a friendly and benevolent protector and a symbol of the joy and abundance that is associated with the ocean. The dolphin has a near-universal appeal and it almost always draws positive connotations to mind.

That being said, a nice dolphin tattoo is hard to find. For some reason, they turn out bad most of the time. If you’re going for a dolphin tattoo, make sure you find a skilled tattoo artist.

The dolphin has a rich symbolic history. It has been admired and lauded in several cultures for thousands of years:

  • The Celts were one of the earliest cultures to appreciate the dolphin. In ancient Celtic art, it stands for prosperity, wisdom, and guidance. Because it lives in the sea, the Celts came to associate dolphins with rejuvenation and a new start in life as well.
  • The ancient Greeks also incorporated the dolphin into their mythology. In Greek legends, the animal carried human souls to the “Island of the Blessed” after death. The Greeks saw the dolphin as a mystic figure with a spiritual connection to the sea and the entire universe. They interpreted the presence of dolphins riding in a ship’s wake as a very good omen.
  • Some people see the dolphin as a representation of Jesus Christ. It is a symbol of rejuvenation and new life, just as some believe Christ came to bring new life to people on earth.
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Insects tattoos have become more and more popular over the last few years, despite the disgust and even phobia often associated with these tiny animals. The graphic trend is of course a great part of this enthusiasm, as well as the growth of 3D tattoos. But don’t be afraid: no scary bugs in this article, the point is not to give you the creeps but to celebrate those animals that are playing a vital role in Nature.

Let’s start with the bees. They are a indispensable stage in our food chain and the future of planet. In some cultures, they even are the symbol of the human soul. They are often inked for their link to sweetness, as they create honey, but also family, loyalty, hardwork and protection. And of course, they are beautiful.

Other nice insects are the ladybug, a lucky charm, ants, beetles (an important symbol in Ancient Egypt), butterflies, grasshoppers, the feminine and graceful dragonfly, the male and sexy scorpion and the Asian culture’s favorite: the praying mantis. This last insect is not very common in tattoo, but starts to get some fans. It is a very zen animal, peaceful, patient and wise: it doesn’t make a move without thinking about it and be sure it is the best thing. A very strong meaning for a tattoo.

Less likable, the spiders, flies, wasps, and mosquitoes are more popular designs, especially in new school. Yes, they are creepy, but also rad tattoos!

With their complex anatomy and sometimes beautiful colors and textures, insects are making great statement and pretty tattoos, good for small pieces or part of a sleeve. Their shapes fits every part of the body and they are indeed eye-catching. So if you want some idea for a small tattoo and if you want at the same time something bold, beautiful and to celebrate Nature, take a look at these 40 harmless and great insect tattoos, we promise, they won’t bite!


Owl and skull tattoo designs

When it comes to popular animal tattoos the owl ranks right with the best. Owl tattoos are not considered to be a main stream tattoo, but they are very popular tattoo choice for both men and women.

Many of us know that the owl is a symbol of wisdom and education. The same can be said about the owl tattoo. Owl tattoos come in a variety of different styles, colors, and designs. Owls may seem cute but in their own world they are predators and who knows, maybe they can contact the spiritual world? Several cultures believed that the owl would accompany the soul in the afterlife. Some believe if you see an owl in your dreams, it means that you or someone in your life will experience death.

Tattoo artist have been real creative with owl tattoos over the years so there are a lot of unique tattoo designs out there. An Owl tattoo design can have many different meanings depending on what the wearer wants to portray. In the past owls have been associated with both wisdom and as bad omens.

Owl tattoos often have a spiritual meaning to the tattoo owner. An owl tattoo can be worn as a way to honor a deceased loved one, as owls of ancient myths accompanied departed souls to the underworld. An owl tattoo can also have the spiritual meaning of secret knowledge, mysterious wisdom learned in the darkness of the night and the land of the dead.


Animal skull tattoo designs

Tattoos and tattoo related imagery have seen a huge rise in popularity over the past few years. Animal skull tattoos are quite popular among tattoo enthusiasts. Mankind has been fascinated with the animals since prehistoric times. Animal skull tattoo can represent life and death. Some believe it represents the spiritual transformation from the physical body into the spiritual body and soul. This kind of tattoo can be designed in many different ways. It can also hold symbolic value to the wearer. Animal skull tattoo is not a main stream tattoo, but there’s a popularity for the tattoo. Although the animal skull design is mainly chosen by men, a small percentage of women do wear such a tattoo. Just like most tattoos, the animal skull can be meaningful to those who wear such a tattoo. Being tattooed with an animal skull nowadays can take on a completely different meaning altogether. People with skull tattoos have their own reasons and subsequently own meanings for their tattoos.


Animal tattoos-Various Meanings of Wild Boar Tattoos

If a young man wears a wild boar tattoo, he is probably wearing it as a symbol of his courage.  As such it can be traced back to the Borneo ritual of a young boy’s first successful hunt in which he manages to kill a wild boar, to mark his rite of passage from boyhood to manhood.   In many parts of the world, hunting wild boar was a popular sport.  Boars are uncastrated male pigs with razor-sharp tusks known for their ferocity and courage – they will fight to the death to defend their territory if cornered and so made redoubtable opponents for hunters.  Because of its great strength and speed, it was chosen by King Richard III as his heraldic symbol.

Wild boars and pigs have been the subject of myths and legends throughout history.  Capturing the Erymanthian boar – a ferocious giant of a creature – was the fourth labour of Heracles (or Hercules).  The fearless goddess Artemis (or the Roman huntress, Diana) sent her raging boars to ravage farmers’ fields when a country offended her in some way.  According to another myth, Artemis sent a wild boar to kill Adonis when he insulted her pride by boasting he was the better hunter.

The wild boar therefore symbolised her propensity for seeking violent revenge.  In Chinese and Norse mythology, they were symbols of fertility and virility.  In Persia they signified that the wearer of the symbol was a skilled warrior.  In some cultures boars have religious significance.  In Hindu mythology, for example the third avatar of Vishnu was a boar which symbolised resurrection.  And of course, one cannot forget the importance of wild boars to the ever-hungry Obelix, friend and companion to Asterix in the popular, long-running, French comic book series.  Obelix could eat several roasted boar at one sitting!wild-boar-tattoo

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