Quick Updos

We know all you ladies tend to rush into a classic ponytail or a bun as a means of jumping to an easy hair updo. But, did you know that there’s a quite a lot of choices you can actually try out when it comes to quick updos? Why don’t you shake yourself off from your lazy hair habits and reinvent yourself for casual outings with a new easy updo?

The Braided Brooch

The easy-to-do braided brooch that’s trending among busy working ladies in the town these days? Take a small section of your hair behind the bangs and separate it into three strands. Make French braid out of the three strands, pulling it away from the scalp after braiding it a few inches down. Leave one or two inches in the end and set the braid with a band. Then, loop the braid up towards the top of the head, and leave few inches loose at the end. Create a brooch like coil by twist the remaining section of the braid back into the first loop. You can use a big bobby pin to set the braid in place, and a light hold hair spray to set the style. This up do can be flattering on both casual or dressy occasions. Give the usual braid a break!

pretty hairstyles for women


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