Hairstyles for Women with Round Faces

Hairstyles for women with round faces is a very helpful resource for those out there who are having a hard time finding a hairstyle that complements their round face. Having a round face is often known to give you youthful features, however, it can also prevent you from easily finding a sophisticated style to transition into. This is the same for women with short, medium-length, or longer hair.
Here are some simple style tips to consider when it comes to hairstyles for women with round faces:
  • Lightweight and delicate bangs can complement a round face. To make your face look longer, part your bangs to the side.
  • If you have long or medium-length hair, a bit of texture is needed. Long bangs will help elongate the round shape of your face.
  • Super short cuts such as a pixie hairstyle works great with round faces. However, most women are not brave enough to transition their hair for this edgy, extremely short hairstyle.

pretty hairstyles for women


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