Ballerina Bun

A neat and tightly gathered bun is a jewel to any ballet dancer. It does not only establish the recognition for the dancer, but also make her free from worrying about the hair all through her performance. A perfect figured bun can be just flattering on a ballerina. But, still you don’t necessarily have to be a prima ballerina to wear a ballerina bun. This classic serene updo is suitable for any occasion if you want to remain simply pretty and enchanting. It’s quick. It can make you look taller, and you can dress yourself with any outfit with the pretty ballerina bun on your head. The bun can be placed high up on the top of your head or down lower near the nape of your neck. You just need to have shoulder length hair.

First, curl all the hair in the down section using a one inch curling iron. Brush the hair into a ponytail at the place you want to have the bun, making sure you avoid the bangs. Secure it with a clear band. Separate two equal sections of hair from the pony, one at the top and the other at the bottom. Lightly tease your hair by back combing using a smoothing brush to make the bun look voluminous. Flip the top section and wrap it around the top of the donut created by the root of the ponytail, and the down section around the bottom of the base to create the bun. Make sure the whole donut is covered. Set the bun tight on to your head using bobby pins. Apply a light hold hairspray to flatten the strays. Keep some bobby pins in your purse to use when needed, especially when you feel the bun in losing its tight hold.

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